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Do you also apologize for Extravagant Dreams?

Hello, friends!

This past summer, I went to Italy.

Twice. (I guess the classic Trevi Fountain coin toss really works...)

On my first trip, I kayaked around the Amalfi coast, explored the island of Capri, and wandered through the streets of Rome.

On the second, I toured the colorful fishing villages of the Cinque Terre, hiked the Via Francigena through Tuscany, and stepped back in time as I visited castle-like medieval towns.

(Yes, the photos are awesome, you'll see.)

All along the way, I enjoyed the company of fantastic people, ate the classic Italian foods, and experienced the culture of a different country.

And one of my favorite parts?

I flew FIRST CLASS both times.

Yep, I had the fancy lay-flat seat, priority boarding, special meals, lounge access, the works. Best flights ever.

But the second trip almost didn't happen...

When presented with the opportunity to go back to Italy, part of me wanted to jump up immediately and say, "Italy again? Yes, please! Last time was awesome. Sign me up!"

The other part said, "But you already went to Italy this summer. You already had your trip of a lifetime. You should just be grateful for the experience you already had, without wanting more. Two trips to Italy in a single summer? Doesn't that seem a bit much?"

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever experienced a strong desire for something truly amazing, followed by a sense of guilt for wanting something so "extravagant"?

Have you ever REALLY wanted something and, at the same time, pushed it away?

I thought I needed more details to make my decision, but what I actually needed was courage to accept that I truly desired this "extravagant" dream.

And once I admitted to myself that I truly desired this experience and committed to the dream, the rest was total magic.

More stories soon,


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